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Safety And Training

At Metroclean, safety is a core company value. Led by our Director of Safety, we strictly follow a detailed safety program to ensure compliance with all HSE, OSHA and CDC regulations. This includes utilizing risk assessments, surprise inspections, on-site audits and strictly followed standardized guidelines. Additionally, the Director of Safety manages the Metroclean Janitorial Certification Program. This program covers initial training upon hire as well as continuous training throughout the course of employment. Depending on the duty, each janitor is required to attend eight hours of instruction covering Safety, Equipment, Chemicals, and Technique to receive Metroclean Janitorial Certification. Furthermore, each training program is tailored to the customer’s facility and adjusted as necessary.

Safety Training attendance is mandatory for all operations team members.
Safety and health orientations and trainings inform employees about:

  • Potential hazards associated with the work area
  • Potential hazards associated with specific job or task assignments
  • Emergency procedures
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required for specific tasks or assignments
  • Hazard Communication Standard (Right-to-Know) information about chemicals used in the workplace
  • Specific equipment operations training related to Employee tasks or job assignments
  • Company safety rules and safe work procedures
  • Employee reporting requirements regarding safety hazards, accidents, injuries and near miss incidents
  • Accident investigation procedures and requirements
  • Personnel health monitoring requirements as applicable to a task or job assignment