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Quality Control

When it comes to superior quality and service, Metroclean is second to none. Through our Quality Assurance Program, comprised of inspections, reporting capabilities and continuous improvement, we are able to tailor our service to meet each customer’s unique needs. Our goal is complete satisfaction for all Metroclean partners.

We do this by deploying our customizable Continuous Quality Control Program which utilizes an app-based system called CleanTelligent to conduct inspections. This program is established to work independently of your internal programs and has been interfaced with current systems to help ensure additional reinforcement and support mechanisms. The program tracks, documents, and reports on the following:

  • Operational standards
  • Scope of Services and Timelines
  • Staff efficiencies and inefficiencies
  • Quality efficiencies and inefficiencies
  • Potential problem areas
  • Corrected concerns
  • Spill clean ups


  • Automated communication, resulting in reduced response time
  • Periodic scheduling and tracking
  • Complete, up-to-date work order status
  • Customized inspection
  • Improved client satisfaction